Strategies & Skills Learning & Development
The Mechanism of Learning and Change

1. In SSLD, we consider all behaviour to be purposeful, or that they all serve particular functions. Even behaviours that are considered problematic and dysfunctional are seen as an individual's attempt to address some of his or her needs.

Example: A person with substance use problem.

2.SSLD intervention first seeks to understand the person's needs, and assess the effectiveness of the current strategies.

3.Realistic goals will then be set, and specific strategies and skills that can address these goals will be identified for learning and development.

4.The learning and development will follow systematic procedures. The typical learning process will involve:

  • Observation learning, modeling, role-playing, instructed practice and incremental skills acquisition.
  • Monitoring and feedback (assisted by video-recording whenever necessary).
  • 5.The 4Rs: Real-life practice, report back, review, and refinement.