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Strategies & Skills Learning & Development
Organization Development

SSLD is a system designed to enable people to learn and develop strategies and skills that will allow them to realize their goals in life more effectively. Successful application of SSLD results in people’s needs being met, improving their objective circumstances as well as their subjective satisfaction.

As such, the SSLD system is best suited for organization development (OD) in that: (1) it is person-centered, seeking to address human needs (shareholders, customers, managers, employees) through all-win designs (AWD); (2) it offers well established methodical procedures to bring about change in human decision making and action; (3) it develops the organization through developing its human capacity (including knowledge, skills, relationships, social and symbolic capital) through systematic learning and change; (4) it builds a positive culture for learning and change; and (5) it manages human problems (resistance, conflict, negativity, dysfunctional or ineffective behavior) through innovative procedures developed through its extensive application in mental health and behavioral management initiatives.

SSLD has been applied successfully to OD initiatives in a wide range of organizations internationally, including world-class corporations, governments, NGOs, educational institutions, and other public and charitable organizations.