Strategies & Skills Learning & Development
SSLD and Management Training

SSLD principles and procedures have been applied to a wide range of management training situations, covering topics like coaching, cross-cultural communication, recruitment interview, team building, front-desk reception, and so on.

The key features of SSLD include:

  1. Contingency-based thinking that ensures responsiveness to the unique needs and circumstances of clients
  2. A wide range of packaged programs, as well as capacity for custom-designed programs to meet new challenges and special needs
  3. Learner-centered procedure: incremental and systematic
  4. Hands-on experiential learning
  5. Emphasis on knowledge transfer to real life performance
    • Extensive use of true-to-life simulations
    • Take home exercises, real-life rehearsal and practice
    • Video recording to facilitate review, feedback, and self-monitoring
  6. Special group-based Collaborative Generation procedure that enables the development of effective strategies for dealing with unfamiliar and challenging situations