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Project Wealth is co-created by:
Raymond Chan, MBA (Investment), CFP, CLU & Chartered Marketer
Valerie Yingli Chang, Ph.D.
Ka Tat Tsang, Ph.D.

Making more money is a life goal that people rarely question. What is missed in this unquestioning attitude is what people plan to do with more money. Many investors only have vaguely articulated investment objectives, which are not tied to a well-considered plan for a better life.

“More money” or “better life” may reflect different needs for different people. Over a quarter century experience of advising investors has taught us that more money does not always mean better life. Project Wealth is created to empower people to invest wisely so that they can simultaneously realize significant financial gain and build a better life.

Successful investment requires rational decision making and effective implementation, which cannot be done without knowing what your needs are and what reality you are facing. We want to open you to a financial conversation that starts with the exploration of your real needs, characteristics and circumstances.

Project Wealth seeks to work with you on the following areas in order to make positive changes in investment and beyond:
• Rational decision making involving comprehensive self-assessment and goal setting
• Effective execution supported by methodical monitoring
• Emotional regulation to overcome irrational and erroneous investment behavior
• Life-world re-design

The SSLD system enables you to develop a personalized repertoire of effective strategies and skills through a learning process based on multiple contingencies thinking.